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INSIDE OUT Carrick: Global Project, Local Community

May 4, 2017

By Meg Campbell

On Sat., May 6, the Historic Dairy District Marketplace in Carrick will be the set of this year’s PopUp! Pittsburgh event, hosted by Leadership Pittsburgh Inc.’s Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) class XXIV, Huntington Bank and the Carrick community.

This free event, INSIDE OUT Carrick, presented by Huntington Bank in partnership with Economic Development South, Neighborhood Allies, and the Birmingham Foundation, will feature an INSIDE OUT project group action that captures the faces of those who call Carrick home to symbolize its past, present, and future.

The INSIDE OUT project is a global art participatory project started by French artist and TED Prize winner JR. To date, more than 260,000 people in 129 countries have participated in the INSIDE OUT project.

Bridget Daley, a member of LDI XXIV, had the idea to bring an INSIDE OUT project group action after learning that LDI XXIV would be hosting their PopUp! event in Carrick.

“I have been a big fan of JR and his work for years and have been following the INSIDE OUT project since its inception. As I started to meet with individuals from the community and learn about Carrick’s history, it became clear that Carrick could be a perfect fit for an INSIDE OUT group action. So I pitched the idea to my classmates and was thrilled that not only our class but the community was onboard.”

In addition to the unveiling of INSIDE OUT Carrick, the event will include family-friendly activities, such as screen printing with The Andy Warhol Museum, a photobooth, food trucks and storytelling.

“The community of Carrick is featured throughout the entire event. The global art project featured at the event highlights Carrick, giving individuals in the community an opportunity to voice, in images, what they stand for — a strong and vibrant Carrick,” said Josh Taylor-Martin, LDI XXIV participant and leader of PopUp!’s external outreach committee.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will be speaking at the event and have shared their excitement.

“Congratulations to LDI and the Carrick community on this exciting announcement. For many, this may be their first visit to Carrick and their first opportunity to see what a thriving and vibrant community it is,” said Fitzgerald.

The event will draw attention to Carrick as a community of opportunity – showcasing and celebrating the individuals making a difference for this historically important neighborhood.

“Great things are happening in Carrick, and this PopUp! event only adds to the great momentum in the neighborhood,” said Peduto.

Why PopUp!?

“PopUp! Pittsburgh is a core component of Leadership Pittsburgh Inc.’s program for young leaders from area companies and organizations. A highly competitive process leads to the selection each year of about fifty high potential ‘rising stars’ to participate in LDI,” said Aradhna Oliphant, president and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh, Inc.

Oliphant continued, “The development, design, and execution of PopUp! Pittsburgh provides these emerging leaders from our region’s corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors with a rich set of experiences that inspires them to continue to learn about the needs of our region, and devote means to actualizing the true potential of our communities through investment of resources as civic leaders.”

Image: Facebook / POP UP PITTSBURGH!

Image: Facebook / POP UP PITTSBURGH!

Leadership Pittsburgh program Manager Sarah Miele added, “For many in the cohort, this has been their first experience working directly at the community level… through the nine hard months of work, it is great to watch LDI’ers move from the initial feelings of ‘What and how will this all be accomplished?’ to learning that through great leadership and the commitment from their classmates and the neighborhood residents, they can succeed.”

Seeing Carrick from the Inside and Out

“We have come to know Carrick deeper throughout this project as a wonderful, warm, and incredibly diverse (in both cultures and perspectives) community,” said Oliphant. “The individuals who have learned the most about the community over the past nine months are the LDI participants…and chances are that if you asked them, they would say that this experience have made them fall in love with Carrick.”

She’s right. Speaking about her experience in Carrick, Daley shared,

“Carrick is a beautiful community with good people. From the individuals that I have met who have been in Carrick for generations and attend Block Watch meetings because they truly care about their community to the young teachers who spend hours after the school day to organize educational activities that breathe inclusiveness to the new immigrant population to the neighborhood who were so quick to respond and get involved in the community, there are great things going in Carrick.”

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Interested in being a member of the next LDI cohort and hosting your own PopUp! event? Applications for LDI XXV (2017-18) are being accepted through June 2, 2017.